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Instant grain coffee blend

Instant grain coffee blend

SKU: 0003

Instant grain beverage with barley, rye, chicory and dandelion root. 



Caffeine level: 0/5

Type: Instant

200 grams

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  • 100% Caffeine free.
  • Perfect coffee alternative.
  • Fast instant preparation.
  • High fiber content.
  • Source of minerals and carbohydrate nutrients.
  • Boosts milk supply.
  • 200 grams or 40 cups of tasty beverages.



Ingredients: barley, rye, chicory, dandelion root. Contains gluten.



Both barley and dandelion root are huge lactogenic foods that help to boost your milk supply. 


A pint of beer is a long-touted folk remedy for increasing milk production. There is a grain of truth to that, in that barley and malt are both great lactogenic foods. A safer and more efficient way to reap the lactogenic benefits is to just consume the barley directly.


Barley is one of the richest dietary sources of beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that has been shown to increase prolactin, the hormone responsible for lactation.


It's delicious and so good for you. It's coffee that makes milk. 



It tastes super similar to regular coffee, but withouth the acidity. Afternotes are bitter due to dandelion root, just like coffee.



Store your coffee in a cool, dry place like you would your fine wine.