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Information on co-financing

The company COFFEEMAMA, d.o.o., successfully obtained co-financing in the public tender P2 for the development of Vitamin Coffee products.



The purpose of the Coffeemama project is to develop the products itself and launch international sales. 



With the help of P2 funding and their mentorship program we successfully launched our products. Coffeemama is the first Vitamin Coffee created especially for mothers. Ground coffee has been enriched with selected vitamins that contribute to faster postpartum recovery. Also, it is half-caff coffee and contains 50% less caffeine than a regular cup. In addition to real coffee, we also enriched decaffeinated and grain coffee. All vitamins are carefully selected with the help of nutritional experts.

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Financial support for the implementation of the project amounts to 54.000 €.

Operation start date: 02.03.2021
Completion of the operation: 30.09.2023

Investment is financed by European Union and Republic of Slovenia with European regional development fund. 

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