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Half caff coffee blend

Half caff coffee blend

SKU: 0001

Half the caffeine. Twice the flavor.


Coffeemama half-caff coffee blend provides a guilt-free option for your regular habit. Whether you're breastfeeding, pregnant or just prefer the taste you can finally sip on your favorite cup without feeling guilty. 



Caffeine level: 2/5

Type: Fresh ground

200 grams


  • Blend consists of 50% decaffeinated beans and 50% caffeinated beans.
  • Half as much caffeine as in a regular cup. 
  • Freshly roasted in micro roastery in Slovenia.
  • Coffee beans are decaffeinated by a special method developed by 'Swiss water' which is safe and environmentally friendly.


This blend of fifty percent decaf beans and fifty percent caffeinated beans gives you all the benefits of coffee but only half the caffeine in each cup.


Store your coffee in a cool, dry place like you would your fine wine.